No more snooze button

Dreamboat and I went out for a date tonight and decided to do it….to pull the trigger on a decision we’ve been weighing and considering and analyzing and pondering and dreaming about. You get the idea. We decided we’re moving forward with the trip of a lifetime and are going to resign from our jobs, take the kids out of school, sell the house, and travel for a year. We’ve always wanted to expose the kids to the world and travel as a family. We’re doing it.

And, as he says, “It’s like having a baby. There’s never a perfect time. We just need to do it.”

I am easily tempted to hit the snooze button in my life and postpone following my dreams or making big decision for ‘when…’ No more snooze. ‘When’ is NOW. Everything in my future begins right here. Right now. Funny thing is I feel an awakening. I feel an ease and grace and stamina. Don’t get me wrong, on the surface I’m trying to unload a house full of stuff, figure out how to homeschool my kids, research the best places to live, arrange the best schedule, etc., all while continuing with the daily activities that come with work and life. But, underneath it all, I’m smiling. I feel joy. And if I’m completely honest, I also feel moments of panic to think of leaving my friends. But they’re relatively small and fade with easy reassurances.

The plan is to spend around three months in four different locations. We are going to volunteer in Guinea, spend some time focusing on American History on the East Coast, enjoy the quality and pace of life in Southern Europe, and immerse ourselves in the culture and language of South America. Although there’s no current plans, I may take up Flamenco dancing. Who knows? The world is my oyster…



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  1. lidogirl777

    So excited for you and your family Heidi! I look forward to following all your adventures (and will try not be too envious! LOL)….. xxx Jan

  2. I am really looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures! And I will be praying for you in homeschooling – just remember that a very large percent of a successful homeschool equation is allowing the teacher (usually mom :) to be and teach who she is and how she teaches :) In other words…relax and enjoy! Reading your blog so far I don’t think you have any problem with that!! Have fun, Heidi! Enjoy your kids so much…so precious!!

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