Curfew and other vices

I’m starting to freak out a little about appropriate behavior during our three months on the Africa Mercy. And it’s not the kids’ behavior that concerns me….

I’m not a rule follower.  There I said it.

I have never been a rule follower.

My job is to question the rules.  Sometimes this has served me well (and benefited the processes, companies, service agencies, etc. around me).  Sometimes, well, not so much.

I think I’m in trouble.

Unfortunately, here’s where I have to admit that the last time I got spanked (yep – true story). I was fifteen-years-old and had disobeyed the ship rules by going on a deck which those under sixteen were only allowed on with an adult (it was deemed unsafe). And I got caught. Oops.

And, Dreamboat and I are taking the family to volunteer with Mercy Ships for three months. In Africa.

Alcohol and smoking are not permitted on the ship due to insurance reasons. I get that.  But here’s my secret hope: maybe they’ll reconsider when they meet my kids and realize we’re homeschooling for the first time in our lives, and when I convince them that being a parent and being in Africa and after a long day and when I’m longing for some peace and quiet, or had a really rough mentoring session with some of the crew, or want some alone time, or want to kick off a deep conversation with Dreamboat, or enjoy a good book, or need to really focus and prepare my management training classes for the following day…a glass of wine or good whiskey is the perfect answer to all of it.  And, I’d even go for bad whiskey…not yet sure about bad wine.  But, after a real scorcher of a day, I’m betting I would.

Smoking is not a temptation for me.  So, I’m good there. Whew.

So, at Bunko the other night, I asked the girls for advice on what to do if the ship doesn’t change their minds.  By the way, I’ve never yet played Bunko.  We talked. And drank good wine. And after you hear what we came up with, you’ll realize it was more than just one glass.

Their fantastic advice was for me to take up chewing tobacco in those little pre-stitched packages. I think it’s called “Snuff”.  The thinking is that I won’t be breaking any rules that could invalidate the ship’s insurance.  And, it would provide me with a quick and easy way to just chill and take the edge off.  And I wouldn’t have to deal with spitting out loose tobacco and carrying around some sort of receptacle all day.

And you know what?  It’s a viable option. I’m considering it.

I realize a mature adult would request someone in HR send me a list of official guidelines.  I haven’t. I’m too terrified of how long the list will be and that the part of me that doesn’t like to follow rules will rear her ugly head, dig in her heels, and decide to be stubborn. I’ve seen that happen.  It’s not pretty.

So, I’ve just been planning to go off the ship, find a little café, and have a glass of wine in the evenings now and then.

And today I heard from our travel agent that one of our flights was outside of ship curfew.

Wait…what?  C.U.R.F.E.W.

Oh help.  I can’t say it out loud yet.

I can feel my inner child’s heels digging in. Just a little.



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18 Responses to Curfew and other vices

  1. Char

    This makes me laugh….and cry….for oh so many reasons!

  2. Cherie Sherman Goodpasture via Facebook

    I will drink for you…lol.

  3. Ingrid Hubik Freire via Facebook

    I love you. That was a hoot. No, you do not get to start chewing tobacco. But, thank you for that blog. So relevant as I enroll my older two girls in the ICS co-op homeschool at the YWAM campus here. Begging God that He’ll keep my mouth shut, have a good attitude and show me how to be low key……HA!

    • :-) Have you ever thought maybe they need you? That opening your mouth to speak amazing wisdom and humor is a gift to them? And, will keep you from getting ulcers ;-)

  4. Oh. My. Word. Who knew I had so many non-rule-following-friends who have blazed the trail ahead of me. Woohooo! I feel loooooooved. I won’t let you down. There are some excellent suggestions above, and I promise to try them all.

  5. MY Grace told me she tried snuff once. It stayed in her mouth all of 30 seconds and she says “I can still taste the nastyness every time snuff is mentioned.
    I like the gip flask idea from pat.

  6. Kirsty

    I’m not a rule follower either…I don’t like doing things just because everyone else is doing it…I love what you wrote here..I love your open heart :-) x

  7. Rob

    I’m not saying how I found your blog, but we are REALLY looking forward to having you all onboard the AFM for a few months (years?). Blessings on you and your family as you walk through all the preparations in the next few weeks – we’ve been there so can relate to some of what you are going through. Be encouraged that it IS worth it. Honest.
    See ya soon……..

  8. Pretty decent post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have in reality enjoyed reading your web site posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  9. Jan Applegate Thompson via Facebook

    hahahaha! a DRESS code!!!!!!!!!!! oh no!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here in stiches… imagining you in a mumu!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL… oh and with flat shoes underneath!!!!!!!! xxxxx

  10. I was just thinking yesterday, you need to take at least one shiny table setting with you so you can eat off of something pretty.

  11. I JUST read the dress code. NONE of my skirts, dresses or shorts meet the requirements!!!

  12. Jan Applegate Thompson via Facebook


  13. Beth Krupp Bachran via Facebook

    and your shoes?

  14. Beth – Thank God shoes weren’t mentioned in the dress code. But I’ll bet they get added after I’m there ;-)

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