For My FIVE Kids

Not sure I would ever say this out loud.  But, this is my private journal (right?).  I wrote this alone in a motel room, after a lovely glass of chilled rosé (it’s my favorite summer wine). And I recently read an inspiring story about an abandoned child that was rescued by Mercy Ships.

And, although I currently have three children, my key password at work is: For My FIVE Kids.

It’s not figured into our budget. There are no additional airline tickets purchased. And, just yesterday, Dreamboat tried to get me to agree we would NOT. But, here’s my secret hope…

There will be a child. Or siblings. Who need love. Our love.

I’ve always wanted five kids.  I remember Dreamboat’s eyes when I told him this particular dream of mine, on our fourth date (right after I told him that I don’t share well, and if he wanted to date the other girl he was seeing, then no hard feelings, but I wasn’t interested).  Well, obviously Dreamboat bet on me, and we’ve made three amazing children. And I barely lived through the pregnancies. And the family barely survived me being pregnant.  And I wouldn’t want to add children to our family while I’m busy working with my corporate clients.

BUT, while we’re taking this year to focus on family, should a child (or children) be without love. Without family. Without resources. Without hope.  Then, I want to be their answer.  We have love to give.  We have more resources than they were born to.  And, with this year “off”, we have the time to spend, incorporating them into our family structure. Loving them. Nurturing them. Showing them they are valued and unique and treasured.

It may not happen.  It doesn’t usually happen this way. In fact, Guinea’s adoption policy with the US is complicated.  And if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be OK. Disappointed. Maybe a bit heartbroken. But OK.

And, knowing me, I may put the dream to one side…but only for a while.

Miss O wants a little sister. I’m happy to comply. But, I’d be happy with any child. Boy or girl. Or one of each. Or two of one.



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7 Responses to For My FIVE Kids

  1. Suzanne Johnson via Facebook

    <3 this post… such deep and enduring desire… may your hope be fulfilled may your joy be complete x 5.

  2. Katie Donoghue

    You’re amazing Heidi. I wish you and the family safe and wonderful travels and all of your hopes and dreams come true. I’ll be praying for you and for your, “five kids.” =)

  3. Jan Applegate Thompson via Facebook

    love you! xxxxxxxx

  4. Anonymous

    You go Heidi!!! We are working on getting our next three, which means we’ll have five too….:-)

  5. Marie

    Go go Heidi, we are waiting for our next three…long and tideous process…but five sounds like a good number :-)

  6. Dawn Meissner Morrison via Facebook

    Would be SO awesome!! We are awaiting our fifth right now – could be anytime and I’m so excited.

  7. Arlene Samuels

    Heidi- adoption brought two beautiful children into our lives! Chad and Grace are gifts from God! Follow His lead and your heart!